Must Read Publications

The following publications are recommended reading by SHC Task Operating Agents and experts:

Task 49 - Solar Process Heat for Production and Advanced Applications

  • Process Intensification - Engineering for Efficiency, Sustainability and Flexibility. 2nd Edition

Task 48 - Quality Assurance and Support Measures for Solar Cooling

Task 47 - Solar Renovation of Non-Residential Buildings

Task 46 - Solar Resource Assessment and Forecasting

Task 44 - Solar + Heat Pump Systems

Task 42 - Compact Thermal Energy Storage

Task 41 - Solar Energy and Architecture

Task 40 - Net Zero Energy Solar Buildings

Task 39 - Polymeric Materials for Solar Thermal Applications

Task 38 - Solar Assisted Cooling Systems

Task 37 - Advanced Housing Renovation with Solar & Conservation

Task 34 - Testing and Validation of Building Energy Simulation Tools

Task 33 - Solar Heat for Industrial Process

Task 32 - Advanced Storage Concepts for Solar and Low Energy Buildings

  • Thermal Energy Storage for Solar and Low Energy Buildings - State of the Art
    June 2005

Task 28 - Solar Sustainable Housing

  • Sustainable Solar Housing - 2 Volumes

Task 20 - Solar Energy in Building Renovation

Task 16 - Photovoltaics in Buildings

Task 14 - Advance Active Solar Energy Systems

Task 13 - Advance Solar Low Energy Buildings

  • Solar Energy Houses: Strategies, Technologies, Examples

Task 12 - Building Energy Analysis and Design Tools for Solar Applications

Task 11 - Passive and Hybrid Solar Commercial Buildings

  • Passive Solar Commercial and Institutional Buildings
    March 1994

Task 8 - Passive and Hybrid Solar Low Energy Buildings

Workshops and Special Working Groups

  • Dynamic Testing of Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems, Volumes A and B
    December 1992
  • Performance and Durability Assessment of Optical Materials for Solar Thermal Systems
    January 2004


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